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Custom Team Uniforms

Orange Sun Teamwear of Fairview Village, Pennsylvania, offers different types of blank team uniforms to add the colors, logo, names, and numbers of your choice, as well as team hats, socks, and belts. We utilize various manufacturers, such as Rawlings®, Holloway, Alleson, Badger, Intensity and Majestic®.

Seasonal Sports Include:

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Buying online could result in ordering the wrong sizes, since every manufacturer’s cut is different. We send a size example of the jersey you like to ensure all players receive the right fit.

You have a certain number of days to return the sample, and it counts towards your order. We mail the uniforms and hats to coaches or team representatives. 

Added Benefit

Performing all of our work in-house means you don't have to pay extra setup fees or hidden charges because your design stays with Orange Sun Teamwear. This also allows us to create uniforms for new players or other team apparel later on, such as sweatshirts.